Rain Bird

Spilhaus Boland Irrigation besproeing supply design Rainbird Rain Bird

We import Rain Bird Turf irrigation products since 2004. We have a wide range of Rain Bird products available.

Rainbird Rotary Nozzles

Rotary Nozzles

The complete line of R-VAN nozzles.
Rainbird Rotor sprinklers

Rotor Sprinklers

Wide range of rotor sprinklers.
Rainbird Spray bodies

Spray Bodies

Spray bodies for all nozzles available.
Rainbird valves


Full range of valves.
Rainbird nozzles

Spray Nozzles

Complete line of spray nozzles.
Rainbird impact

Impact Sprinklers

Quality impact sprinklers.
Rainbird controllers


A range of controllers.
Rainbird sensors regulator

Sensors & Regulators

Rain sensors and pressure regulators.
Rainbird valve boxes

Valve Boxes

Various types of valve boxes.
Rainbird accesories

Accessories & Tools

A range of Accessories & tools from Wifi links, rotor tools to solenoids

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