A list of Products we supply:

  • PVC Pipes and Fittings
  • Low Density Poly Pipes and fittings  (Full-Flow or Insert Fittings)
  • High Density Poly Pipes and compression fittings
  • Hose, Dragline and Accessories
  • Cascade Fittings
  • Galvanised Pipes and fittings
  • Drip Pipe and Accessories (In-Line, On-Line or Pressure Compensating Drippers)
  • Gulf Micro Sprinklers and Accessories
  • Agricultural and Turf sprinklers
  • Controllers AC and DC and Radio Control
  • Valves: Wafer and Butterfly Valves, Wheel Valves (Cast Iron or Brass) Hydrant Valves, Electric Valves (Rain Bird) Foot and Check Valves, Electric Hydraulic Valves ( Bermad, Gulf ,Gator)
  • Pumps: Centrifugal, Borehole Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Fertigation
  • Electric Motors and Accessories
  • Sand Filters, Disc or Screen Filters for Manual or Automatic Operation
  • Centre Pivots
  • Quick Coupling Pipes: Perrot, Latching Pipes in light Steel or Aluminium

We carry a comprehensive range of supplies of the following brands:

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